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{{Age in years and days|date}} or
{{Age in years and days|date 1|date 2}}
{{Age in years and days|15 May 2010}} returns "ဖော်ပြချက် အမှား - နားမလည်သော ပုဒ်ဖြတ် စာလုံး "၁"။"
{{Age in years and days|12 Aug 2003|24 Sep 2011}} returns "ဖော်ပြချက် အမှား - နားမလည်သော ပုဒ်ဖြတ် စာလုံး "၁"။"

Entering year, month and day

{{Age in years and days|yyyy|mm|dd}} or
{{Age in years and days|yyyy|mm|dd|yyyy2|mm2|dd2}}
{{Age in years and days|1989|07|23}} returns "၃၄ နှစ်၊ ၃၅၃ ရက်"
{{Age in years and days|1989|07|23|2003|07|24}} returns "၁၄ နှစ်၊ ၁ ရက်"

This template does not check for incorrect input when entering year, month and day.

{{Age in years and days|1980|07|14|1993|06|233}} returns "၁၂ နှစ်၊ ၅၅၄ ရက်" (surplus days do not count as extra months)
{{Age in years and days|1980|07|14|1993|88|14}} returns "၁၃ နှစ်၊ ၂၄၇၁ ရက်" (surplus months do not count as extra years)

Using "and" as separator


The default is to separate years and days using a comma. To use "and" instead use |sep=and.

{{Age in years and days|October 13, 1993|November 20, 2000|sep=and}} returns "ဖော်ပြချက် အမှား - နားမလည်သော ပုဒ်ဖြတ် စာလုံး "၉"။"

Note that due to leap years, the measure "years and days" fails to be fully additive. The following example is not an error, but each calculation uses a different definition of "year", either 365 days or 366:

{{Age in years and days|2007|02|27|2008|03|02}} returns "၁ နှစ်၊ ၄ ရက်"

but split up:

{{Age in years and days|2007|02|27|2007|03|02}} returns "၃ ရက်"
{{Age in years and days|2007|03|02|2008|03|02}} returns "၁ နှစ်၊ ၀ ရက်"