Please follow these steps to setup your computer for Myanmar Script Display.

The current condition

Script Correct rendering Your computer

Myanmar keyboard

Myanmarsar   က + ြကြ

If the image in the Correct rendering does not match Your computer you will need to update your computer with a font or a rendering library file or both.. It can be as simple as downloading a font , and as hard is installing an updated rendering library. And no harder than that. Choose your Operating System or Browser from the section below for detailed help.

Unicode 5.1 Fonts on your Computer

Font Name Installed
Padauk ?
Myanmar3 ?
Parabaik ?
MyMyanmar Unicode ?
Myanmar2 ?

A question mark (?) indicated that the font detection did not work. Most likely you have JavaScript turned off. Currently font detection does not work in Webkit based browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome. Text zoom should not be used as well. This is a work in progress and a best guess method. The detection is not 100% accurate.

Select your Operating System/Browser

Unicode OpenType Fonts

Myanmar Wikipedia should work with all OpenType Unicode 5.1 Fonts. If it do not you should check the specific Operating System mentioned above. For AAT font (Mac OS) see the relevant Mac OS sections above.

All Operating Systems from Microsoft and most Linux distributions do not have Myanmar fonts installed by default. At the minimum you will need a Unicode 5.1 font installed for Myanmar Wikipedia to be readable. Check the Font page and get help from the following sites:

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