I'm Htoo Myint Naung, Development Leader of MyMyanmar Projects [၁], President of Technomation Studios [၂] and current member of Unicode Consortium living in Myanmar (Burma). I'm proud to be the first Unicode Member from Myanmar (Burma)

ကျွန်​တော့​အ​မည်​က​ ထူး​မြင့်​နောင်​ဖြစ်​ပါ​တယ်။​ မိုင်​မြန်​မာ​ပ​ရော့​ဂျက်​ရဲ့​ ခေါင်း​ဆောင်​ပါ​။ ယူ​နီ​ကုတ်​အ​ဖွဲ့​မှာ​ ယ​နေ့​ထိ​ ငါး​နှစ်​ကျော်​ကြာ​ မန်​ဘာ​လဲ​ဖြစ်​ပါ​တယ်။​

My works

  1. CyberVOX - online radio tuner [abandoned]
  2. !MyApple - Windows-Apple Emulator [abandoned]
  3. VOX Media Center - Windows Media like player. [abandoned]
  4. MyMyanmar Unicode System for Unicode 4.1 [free,abandoned]
  5. MyCore - a mobile framework to support Myanmar Language in mobile phones. [not-released]
  6. MyTap - first working input method for 12 key mobile phones. [free,free to develop with]
  7. MySM - first Myanamr SMS software for mobile phones. [free, donated for orphans] MySM Link
  8. MyMyanmar Unicode System for Unicode 5.1 [free,abandoned]
  9. MyMyanmar Unicode System Second Generation for Unicode 5.1/2 [free, some software in the package also have commercial version]
  10. MyRoman - roman-myanmar (myanglish) input method for Windows. [free, soon to be like wiki]
  11. Messx - advanced messaging system for Myanmar language on mobile phones. [commercial] Messx
  12. MyRoman+T9 - roman-myanmar input method for mobiles phones with T9. [commercial]
  13. DEFINED - Multilanguage-Myanmar dictionaries for mobiles,PDA,Windows, and a gadget. [commercial for devices, free for online] DEFINED

My achievements

  1. National ICT Award 2003
  2. National ICT Award 2004
  3. Asia Pacific ICT Award 2004
  4. Outstanding Student, University of Computer Studies, Yangon
  5. Outstanding Student, Ministry of Science and Technology
  6. Myanmar Wikipedia SysOp
  7. ASEAN Featuring Youth
  8. #1 Mobile Software Vendor in Myanmar.