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I would like to invite you to the Medical Translation Project (previously Translation Task force) as you identify as a doctor. Here is the sign-up page. It will be easier for us to get into contact with you when there is work available. Please check out our progress pages now! There might be work there already for you.

Here are ways you can help!
Community organization
We need involved Wikipedians to engage the community on the different Wikipedias, and to spread the word!
Assessing content
We need language knowledgeable Wikipedians (or not yet Wikipedians) who indicate on our progress tables which articles should and should not be translated!
We are always on the look-out for dedicated translators to work with our content, especially in smaller languages!
Translated articles need to be integrated into local Wikipedias. This process is done manually, and needs to take merge or replace older articles.
Template installation
For translations to be more useful templates and modules should be installed. We need people with the technical know-how who can help out!
Several of our processes are in need of simplification and many could occur automatically with bots.

Please use the sign up page, and thank you guys for all the work you've been doing. The translation project wouldn't be possible without you!
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Thank you. I have signed it up. They also created an account for me in Translation Without Border for WikiProject Medicine. Only one article was sent to me to translate during these months. I also introduced 2 volunteers to the team, but no one responded to them. I am glad that you are initiating this again. If template installation is like creating new pages on Wikipedia, I think I can do it if someone train me. Yinmyo (talk) ၀၈:၂၆၊ ၂၇ အောက်​တို​ဘာ​ ၂၀၁၄ (UTC)

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Medical Translation Newsletter Aug./Sept. 2014ပြင်ဆင်

Medical Translation Newsletter
Issue 2, Aug./Sept. 2014

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Feature – Ebola articlesပြင်ဆင်

Electron micrograph of an Ebola virus virion

During August we have translated Disease and it is now live in more than 60 different languages! To help us focus on African languages Rubric has donated a large number of articles in languages we haven't previously reached–so a shout out them, and Ian Henderson from Rubric who's joined us here at Wikipedia. We're very happy for our continued collaboration with both Rubric and Translators without Borders!

Just some of our over 60 translations:
New roles and guides!

At Wikimania there were so many enthusiastic people jumping at the chance to help out the Medical Translation Project, but unfortunately not all of them knew how to get started. That is why we've been spending considerable time writing and improving guides! They are finally live, and you can find them at our home-page!

New sign up page!

We're proud to announce a new sign up page at WP:MTSIGNUP! The old page was getting cluttered and didn't allow you to speficy a role. The new page should be easier to sign up to, and easier to navigate so that we can reach you when you're needed!

Style guides for translations

Translations are of both full articles and shorter articles continues. The process where short articles are chosen for translation hasn't been fully transparent. In the coming months we hope to have a first guide, so that anyone who writes medical or health articles knows how to get their articles to a standard where they can be translated! That's why we're currently working on medical good lede criteria! The idea is to have a similar peer review process to good article nominations, but only for ledes.

Some more stats
Further reading

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Barnstar for you!ပြင်ဆင်

  The Working Woman's Barnstar
Thanks for contributing in Myanmar Wikipedia with your medical-related articles. Dr Lotus Black (ဆွေးနွေး) ၀၈:၄၅၊ ၁ ဖေဖော်ဝါရီ ၂၀၁၆ (UTC)
Thank you so much, Dr. Lotus Black! Yinmyo (ဆွေးနွေး) ၀၈:၅၄၊ ၁ ဖေဖော်ဝါရီ ၂၀၁၆ (UTC)
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