Name - Aung Oo

Myanmar Wikipedia and meပြင်ဆင်

I am just no more than an oridinary editor in Myanmar Wikipedia. All of my work is based on my common sense and experience (oh! Needless to say, lol: esp; seeing what others do). My editorial policy is as follows;

  • Never change facts without references or sources (refs are necessary in every article (with a few exceptions; the exception proves the rule). I am a doubting Thomas so not the one who can be easily convinced. refs refs refs!
  • Never quarrel with anyone about anything (tired of this, tasteless: discussion & explanation only)
  • Always write well, neatly, carefully and as many articles as I can to support mywiki to expand much and improve qualitatively.




A good morning spoiled by the the news of the first of February made me feel completely shell-shocked. I felt like I got lost in a vast expanse of desert and even worse it felt as though I had lost the life force circulating throughout my body. As a result of my foul and filthy mood, I need to rest for a few days to return to normalcy (no mood to write anything; hope for a quick mental recovery).


Infected with Covid-19 on 16 July.