my ဤအသုံးပြုသူ၏ မိခင်ဘာသာစကားမှာ မြန်မာစကား ဖြစ်သည်။
MBA ဤအသုံးပြုသူသည် စီးပွားရေး လုပ်ငန်း
စီမံခန့်ခွဲမှု မဟာဘွဲ့
ရရှိထားသူ ဖြစ်သည်။

=== All FOR BURMESE ::: 2017 Score: JA 408 EN 506 MY 521  ===

.. လာရောက်သူတွေအားလုံးကျန်းမာပါစေ။ ချမ်းသာပါစေ။ မြန်မာစာလည်းရေးတတ်ဖတ်တတ်သေးပါသည်

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  • I..

.. originate from the south of Burma, MON STATE., not only MON Language BUT supporting Burmese Language.

.. stole a computer diploma and an MBA from the Los Angeles, USA.

.. kind of work? IT Business, sometimes in Rangoon and sometimes in Tokyo, (which is better??), Living in Los Angeles, NOW!

.. My Country? AnyWhere? The WORLD!!!

Please visit my English site atပြင်ဆင်

Please visit my Japanese site at利用者:kyawgyiပြင်ဆင်

== Country where I lived in..... ( Not Visits)== ( DATA on 2017 )

  • Japan over 5 years
  • United States over 25 years
  • Burma Under 18Years
  • Malaysia Over 1 year
  • Singapore Over a Half Year
  • Thailand Over a Half Year
  • Hong Kong Over a Half Year
  •'s web site I like the BEST!!!
  • Trying back to Myanmar these days ( 2013 ) ...... ( half by half living in USA and Myanmar nowadays )
  • Withdrawing from Myanmar since end of 2016, due to feeling of bad economy. ( It is true now, 2017 Oct. )
  • Give up tried hard to deal with Myanmar, Burma. (2017 ) Back to USA. 1/3 in Japan, 2/3 in USA now. No more Myanmar.... My Bad?