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Remarks to delete photo without licensing info


Hi Russavia, thanks for your effort and participating in MM wikipedia community. If you check and request speedy deletion for photo w/o licensing info, you may need to remark all photos those upload to my.wikipedia. Because upload page in my.wikipedia did not support to choose license info. It may not fair that without giving a chance to choose license info and deleting photo for that reason. Or could you please advice a way to avoid happening again. btw, I will try to translate your user page but it is not a bribe :). Thanks again for contributing in Myanmar wikipedia. Aunghtike (talk) ၁၇:၁၇၊ ၂၄ ဩ​ဂုတ်​ ၂၀၁၂ (UTC)

Hi Aunghtike, thank you for advising of this, that is most unfortunate. It appears that since the beginning of the project there has never been any licence choices. I have been advised that this is the case because there is nothing at MediaWiki:Licenses. Compare this to en:MediaWiki:Licenses. The Burmese WIkipedia community has two main choices. Either work on established a local image use policy as laid out at meta:Local uploads policy, or disable local uploads and instead direct editors wishing to upload files to Commons. Given the size of the community, introducing a local uploads policy might be a chore which will take away time from other editing, so it might be better to disable uploads and use Commons. Obviously you are concerned, as per Zawthet's talk page, about losing old Burmese photos, and this is understandable.
Commons is able to host old Burmese photographs which comply with Commons:Template:PD-Burma, so the loss to Burmese WIkipedia would not be that bad; given that most of the other files in use on this project have replacements readily available on Commons. By uploading to Commons, the media becomes available for use on ALL projects. Take File:ShweUDaung Mhaine Hla at Beijing PeaceConfrence 1952.jpg for example; at the moment it is only available for use by mywp, but in being uploaded to Commons all projects could make use of this. I've had a look at Special:ListFiles, and many of the files there could be moved to Commons under Commons:Template:PD-Burma. We can look at ways of migrating such photos to Commons as well.
I have moved File:ShweUDaung Mhaine Hla at Beijing PeaceConfrence 1952.jpg to Commons and is now available at Commons:File:ShweUDaung Mhaine Hla at Beijing PeaceConfrence 1952.jpg. It obviously requires some cleanup in description, valid source information, valid author information, etc, but this is now available for use across all projects. Commons:User:Hintha is quite active on Commons so might be of some assistance to editors who wish to converse in Burmese, and might be able to help migrate Public Domain images to Commons from mywp. Other than that, I think the project is going to need to make some decisions on how to proceed in future, and if it needs any help, there are other communities who are able to assist. As an admin and crat on Commons I stand ready and willing to help with any decision that may be reached.
As to the translation of User:Russavia/Polandball, thank you very much for that; I look forward to seeing anything you can do with that. And of course, it's not a bribe, it's collaboration! :) I will at least try to make the Burmese aviation photos one non-problematic area as best I can. :)
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line here or via email. Russavia (talk) ၀၀:၃၁၊ ၂၅ ဩ​ဂုတ်​ ၂၀၁၂ (UTC)

My name is Harry Yang(Burmese name:Aik Tun). You have said in Min Aung Naing Talk that you want to translate something to Burmese. Although I have no much experience on Web but I known a little and I have learn it such as Java Script Language. If you don't mind, I want to help you for translating something to Burmese. I will try my best for you.
Are you Russian? I known a little of Russian language. Moreover, I known several languages: Burmese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and a little of Spanish. You can talk to me in my User Talk User_talk:Harry_Yang(Aik_Tun). Thank you! :)

Hi Aik Tun, thank you for your message here, it's appreciated. Another editor has already helped me to translate the Polandball article into Burmese. However, if you look at User:Russavia you will see that I have uploaded many Burmese aviation photos to Commons which we can use on Burmese Wikipedia. Many of these airlines and aircraft do not yet have articles here on Burmese Wikipedia. Not speaking Burmese, I am unsure of the names of these airlines in Burmese script, however, if you are interested in writing articles here on Burmese Wikipedia (which I hope you are), perhaps you would be open to translating en:Air Bagan, en:Yangon Airways, and other aviation articles into Burmese language? Although I don't speak Burmese, I am here to help you as much as I can if you are interested in this.
Also, you might be interested to know, that to sign your username, etc on talk pages, you need only to insert ~~~~ after your post, and this will automatically add your username and links to talk pages, etc.
BTW, I am Australian (born and bred) and live in Perth, Western Australia. I am not completely fluent in Russian, but know enough to get around. :) Cheers, Russavia (talk) ၀၈:၄၆၊ ၂၁ စက်​တင်​ဘာ​ ၂၀၁၂ (UTC)

:Ok, Russavia. Now, I have translated en:Air Bagan to Myanmar. Although is not enough, cos I have little busy, I tried my best for you. Can you see these Burmese Fonts?

Hi mate, great start on အဲပုဂံ. I can see the Burmese fonts, although I don't understand the language. I will have to immerse myself a little bit and learn the Burmese script at least :) Russavia (talk) ၁၁:၃၅၊ ၂၁ စက်​တင်​ဘာ​ ၂၀၁၂ (UTC)

Reply to Images upload on Aunghtike's Talk

Hi Russavia, Sorry, I am not checking my message box while I'm using commonist. So that I can't stop this process in time. Thx for ur understanding. Those photos uploaded are MPs of Myanmar and can get from government web site [၁]. So I'm not sure which license type should choose. Do we need to get permission from GOV site like this? if so, I'm afraid to get permission from this web site admin that there is no email and contact info to request permission. Aunghtike (talk) ၁၃:၁၅၊ ၂၃ စက်​တင်​ဘာ​ ၂၀၁၂ (UTC)